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AceCamp Multi-Tool Shovel, Black, AceCamp Item Number ACE-2586
Sale Price: $19.95
Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
AceCamp Item #: ACE-2586 -

     Detailed Description A simple shovel this is not! Chop wood, catch a fish, build a shelter no task is too big for this tool. This all-in-one shovel is lightweight, has a compact design, and comes with a case.

    Gerber Air Ranger Knife, Blck G-10, Gerber Item Number GER-31-002950
    Retail: $40.00
    Sale Price: $36.00
    Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
    Gerber Item #: GER-31-002950 -

       Detailed Description A sophisticated crosshatch pattern etched along the machined aluminum surface offers the holder steady purchase during deployment of the blade. The one-handed open releases with a thumb using the dual thumb studs positioned near the hilt. Make dexterous use of the knife in all conditions, no matter if the hand holding it is covered in water, sweat, or mud, thanks to the Air Ranger'''''_'''''__'''''_'''''___'''''_'''''__'''''_'''''____'''''_'''''__'''''_'''''___'''''_'...

      Gerber Crucial Tool, Blue, Gerber Item Number GER-31-002951
      Retail: $52.00
      Sale Price: $48.95
      Availability: Normally Stocked
      Gerber Item #: GER-31-002951 -

         Detailed Description It offers the partially serrated blade and the Phillips and flat drivers, all of which are liner locking for safe application, to tackle the business end of daily snags. Use the partially serrated blade to make short work of rope cutting or package opening, and tighten down loose screws around the house, the office, or out on a work site with the Phillips or flat head screwdrivers In addition to the knife and screwdrivers, the Crucial contains a nicely long pair of...

        Gerber MP600 Bladeless Multi-Plier, Gerber Item Number GER-30-000952
        Retail: $84.00
        Sale Price: $74.95
        Availability: Normally Stocked
        Gerber Item #: GER-30-000952 -

           Detailed Description This multi-plier is part of a series of one-hand opening Gerber multi-tools used heavily by the US military. Designed expressly for the unique needs of industrial facilities, hospitals, and other similar institutions that limit the kinds of items people carry on their bodies, this do-it-all tool helps ensure safety in the workplace, while still giving you the benefit of this industrial-strength MP's muscular multitude of tools. Its needle nose pliers work when you...

          Gerber Multi-Plier Compact, Stainless, Gerber Item Number GER-45500
          Retail: $58.95
          Sale Price: $54.95
          Availability: Normally Stocked
          Gerber Item #: GER-45500 -

             Detailed Description Lightweight and packed with over ten full-sized featuresPatented one-handed opening systemDual locking system for safetyStainless steel constructionBlack ballistic nylon sheath includedComponents: needlenose pliers, wire cutter, wire crimper, serrated knife blade, Fiskars scissors, cross point screwdriver, small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers, can opener, bottle openerOverall length: 5.63inClosed length: 4.37inWeight: 6.8oz ...

            Gerber Strap Cutter, Gerber Item Number GER-22-01944
            Retail: $28.00
            Sale Price: $25.95
            Availability: Normally Stocked
            Gerber Item #: GER-22-01944 -

               Detailed Description Strap Cutter cuts through nylon straps and seat belts in seconds. And no need to worry about cuts or punctures where you don't want them. The design shields the cutting edge protecting delicate surfaces. FeaturesOverall length: 4.375"Weight: 2.25 oz.Blade: 420HC Stainless steel black ...

              Klecker KLAX Hardwood Axe Handle, Klecker Item Number KLE-33200
              Retail: $30.00
              Sale Price: $27.95
              Availability: Normally Stocked
              Klecker Item #: KLE-33200 -

                 Detailed Description Styled with the look and grip of a traditional ax handle. The KLAX® hanle is crafted from hard wood to withstand the rigors of use in the field. This optional handle is just over 15 inches long and equipped with a built-in vertical slot to fit all the KLAX® models. Two opposing vertical clamp notches enable a secure connection and perfect fit every time. ...

                NDuR Deluxe Pocket Saw, NDuR Item Number NDR-071010
                Retail: $10.00
                Sale Price: $8.95
                Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
                NDuR Item #: NDR-071010 -

                   Detailed Description Super light and compact eight-strand stainless steel wireOver 100lbs breaking strainCutting Blade Length: 24in

                  Outdoor Edge 6 Razor-Lite Replacement Blades, Outdooredge Item Number OE-RR-6
                  Retail: $13.50
                  Sale Price: $12.95
                  Availability: Normally Stocked
                  Outdooredge Item #: OE-RR-6 -

                     Detailed Description Sharpen the blade or simply push the lock button to remove and insert a shaving-sharp new one Blade material: 420J steelBlade length: 3.5inWeight: 3.5ozs ...

                    Outdoor Edge CHASM Plain Edge Knife, 3.3in,, Outdooredge Item Number OE-01628
                    Retail: $24.95
                    Sale Price: $22.95
                    Availability: Normally Stocked
                    Outdooredge Item #: OE-01628 -

                       Detailed Description This ultra-light and reliable lock-back folder is the perfect everyday carry knife. The 3.3' non-reflective Blackstone' coated 8Cr13MoV stainless blade is precisely heat treated and hand finished shaving-sharp for superior edge retention and performance. Double molded Zytel' handles feature rubberized TPR inserts for a secure, non-slip grip, even when wet. The double-sided thumb stud allows easy, one-hand opening and the pocket clip contours perfectly with the handle...

                      Outdoor Edge CONQUER Plain Edge Knife, 3in, Outdooredge Item Number OE-01631
                      Retail: $55.95
                      Sale Price: $50.95
                      Availability: Normally Stocked
                      Outdooredge Item #: OE-01631 -

                         Detailed Description Form meets function in Jerry Hossom's elegant new flip-open folder design. The 18-ball bearing pivot opens the blade silky smooth with a rock solid lockup and no side play. The robust 8Cr13MoV blade with Satin-Stone finish balances perfectly with the 3D contoured G10/titanium coated stainless steel handle with pocket clip. Available in plain edge or 50% serrated. 3.0" ConquerBlade: 3.0' / 7.6cmOverall: 7.2' / 18.2cmSteel Thickness: 3.0mmBlade steel: 8Cr13MoV...

                        SOG Baton Q4, Sog Item Number SGT-06620
                        Retail: $120.00
                        Sale Price: $108.00
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Sog Item #: SGT-06620 -

                           Detailed Description Baton is a family of multi-tools that provides the functionality of real quality tools while fitting the lifestyle and aesthetics of modern users. Though all are designed for everyday carry, each one is for a different purpose and user. In slim and innovative form factors, the Batons are about the same dimensions as the common ink marker and fit easily in a pocket, bag, or backpack. The sleek, minimalist design opens up to reveal a variety of useful tools. Each...