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Apollo 11 Lunar Landing 1:72
Retail: $87.00
Sale Price: $60.95
Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
Dragon Model Kits Item #: DRA11002 -

    Dragon?s new 1/72 scale collection of spacecraft kits has successfully blasted off. The second kit to be launched onto the market is also a depiction of the famous Apollo 11 craft. This time it shows the Lunar Module (LM), christened Eagle, which landed on the southern Sea of Tranquility on the Moon on July 20, 1969. This milestone event was watched by millions of TV viewers, and now modelers can recreate this very scene. The accurately detailed LM model can be displayed on a realistic...

    Project Vanguard Satellite
    Retail: $27.95
    Sale Price: $19.95
    Availability: Normally Stocked
    Lindberg Item #: LIN603 -

      Project Vanguard Satellite by Lindberg Item Number:LIN603 PROJECT VANGUARD was the US’s first artificial satellite program. The Navy program launched Vanguard I in 1958. Though communications were lost in 1964, it remains the oldest man-made satellite still in orbit. This classic kit from the Hawk models tooling vault presents an early speculative look at the satellite. It features opaque and clear parts along with decals to label every aspect of the exploratory craft. Skill Level: 2...

      Space Adventure Space Shuttle Model Kit
      Retail: $13.95
      Sale Price: $9.95
      Availability: In Stock at Distributor
      NewRay Item #: NR20407-B -

        Space Adventure Space Shuttle Model Kit Item Number : NR20407-B By NewRay

        Space Shuttle Orbiter & Hubble
        Retail: $46.95
        Sale Price: $30.95
        Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
        Hasegawa Plastic Model Kits Item #: HSG10676 -

          Meet the stars of today's most memorable NASA??_??__??_??___ missions. The reusable Space Shuttle orbiter has carried astronauts and their payloads since 1981, when the Columbia successfully launched into space. Four other shuttles - the Challenger, the Discovery, the Atlantis and the Endeavor - soon followed. In April, 1990, the Discovery was used to launch the Hubble Space Telescope into Earth's orbit. Since its launch, the Hubble has given us some of the most detailed and memorable images...

          Space Shuttle W/Cargo Bay (1:144)
          Retail: $70.95
          Sale Price: $38.95
          Availability: Normally Stocked
          Dragon Model Kits Item #: DRA11004 -

            This 1/144 scale model of a Space Shuttle is finely detailed, and it has been cleverly engineered for accurate fitting together. Obviously, its key feature is the open cargo bay, with all internal detail such as the robot arm fully represented. Dragon has even included a generic satellite payload to fill the compartment to add further interest and give a sense of scale. This item adds interest to Dragon's space series, and it will sit nicely alongside other kits of older spacecraft already...

            Star War Imp Star Destroy:2700
            Retail: $135.56
            Sale Price: $105.95
            Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
            Revell Item #: RMX6459 -

              Capital ships like the Imperial Star Destroyer project the will of the Emperor far beyond Coruscant. Everywhere it goes, the sheer odds against victory dissuade many from attempting to rebel. This intimidation is exactly what the Rebellion aims to end. The vessels may be loaded with turbo lasers, tractor beams, and swarms of fighters... but they aren't invincible. Kit features display stand and gun positions.

              Tiangong-1 Chinas Space Lab
              Retail: $47.95
              Sale Price: $33.95
              Availability: Normally Stocked
              Lion Roar Item #: LNR4805 -

                TIANGONG-1 CHINA'S SPACE LAB