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Airhead 120V Hi-Pressure Air Pump
Retail: $59.95
Sale Price: $53.95
Availability: Normally Stocked
Airhead Item #: AIR-AHP-120HP -

     Detailed Description Peak pressure is 2.5 psi, plenty of pressure to get high end inflatable boats, rafts and reinforced backyard items nice and firm. You'll immediately notice how they perform better when properly inflated. A Pressure Release Valve is included to limit pressure to 1.4 psi for preventing over-inflating towables, pool toys and other vinyl and nylon covered inflatable items. The accordion-style hose locks onto the pump, eliminating annoying disconnections. Four universal...

    Airhead 12V Air Pump
    Retail: $20.98
    Sale Price: $20.95
    Availability: Normally Stocked
    Airhead Item #: AIR-AHP-12H -

       Detailed Description Most pumps on the market don't put out this kind of air volume and pressure. The universal valve fittings fit many popular valves including Boston valves and stem valves. For added convenience, the cigarette lighter plug is equipped with a 10 ft. long power cord. Volume is 380 liters/minute. Maximum pressure: .71 psi. Draws 11.8 amps / 145 watts. We recommend "topping off" large towables inflated with this pump with a few strokes of AIRHEAD's Double Action Hand Pump...

      Airhead 12V High Pressure Pump
      Retail: $69.95
      Sale Price: $62.95
      Availability: Normally Stocked
      Airhead Item #: AIR-AHP-12HP -

         Detailed Description Therefore it does a great job getting towables, boats and rafts nice and firm for peak performance. Adapters are provided for all popular valves. A removable pressure release valve limits the output to 1.4 psi, the perfect inflation pressure for towables. The 21" hose is heavy duty and reinforced with PVC coils. This powerful pump draws too many amps to plug into a cigarette lighter style outlet. Hook it up to your car, truck or boat battery with the alligator clips...

        Airhead 2 Rider Self-Centering Tow Harness
        Retail: $29.99
        Sale Price: $29.95
        Availability: Normally Stocked
        Airhead Item #: AIR-AHTH-3 -

           Detailed Description A stainless steel pulley glides along the length of the rope to provide the optimum pull at all times. Simply clip it onto your boat with the 5,000-pound tensile strength hooks provided, and attach your ski or tube rope to the heavy duty Kwik-Connect. The 6" float ensures that the Kwik-Connect floats, away from your propeller. It's 12 feet long to fit pontoon and larger boats. Hook opening width 1/2". Yellow / Black. ...

          Airhead Aqua Oasis Inflatable Cooler
          Retail: $39.95
          Sale Price: $35.95
          Availability: Normally Stocked
          Airhead Item #: AIR-AHAO-1 -

             Detailed Description The insulated leak-proof nylon cooler lifts up from the inflatable vinyl base and has an adjustable shoulder strap. It keeps 24 cans ice cold for hours. The 6 drink holders in the floating base are marked with numbers to help you and your friends keep track of your drinks. The sundry holder is a convenient place to store suntan lotion. A molded plastic rope connector is welded to the side for tethering to an AIRHEAD lounge, swim platform, boat or dock. ...

            Airhead Bimini Lounger II Inflatable Lounge
            Retail: $94.95
            Sale Price: $79.95
            Availability: Normally Stocked
            Airhead Item #: AIR-AHBL-3 -

               Detailed Description There are only 3 air chambers to inflate, not 6 or 7 like the other brands! Float with your legs dangling in the water, or stretch them out on the folding inflatable legrest. There_s a cup holder for your cool drink and a zippered storage compartment for sun tan lotion and other necessities. The inflatable backrest ensures unparalleled comfort. Durable nylon construction with a heavy-gauge PVC bladder inside. 38 in. x 60 in. (deflated with leg-rest extended). ...

              Airhead BLAST Inflatable 1 Person Towable
              Retail: $82.95
              Sale Price: $74.95
              Availability: Normally Stocked
              Airhead Item #: AIR-AHBL-12 -

                 Detailed Description The 4 neoprene knuckle guards and deluxe nylon-covered handles provide a sure and comfortable grip. The heavy-duty virgin PVC bladder has electronically welded seams and a Boston valve for quick inflating and deflating. BLAST has a double stitched nylon cover, reinforced internal tow harness and a self-draining floor vent. You'll love the eye-catching graphics on this 1 rider 54" round towable! ...

                Airhead Double Action Hand Pump
                Retail: $22.99
                Sale Price: $22.95
                Availability: Normally Stocked
                Airhead Item #: AIR-17720 -

                   Detailed Description This double action pump inflates and deflates towables, kayaks, boats, airbeds, and other inflatables. It delivers a continuous stream of air on both the up and down strokes. Simply turn the release valve counter-clockwise and you're pumping air only on the down-stroke. This is a great option when your inflatable is almost full and there's back pressure. Four universal valve fittings are included to fit Boston valves and stem valves. The accordion-style hose...

                  Airhead EZ Breeze Lounge Float
                  Retail: $37.95
                  Sale Price: $31.95
                  Availability: Normally Stocked
                  Airhead Item #: AIR-AHEB-1 -

                     Detailed Description The mesh seat is offset, not centered, which allows for easier boarding from the water and a very comfortable backrest. EZ Breeze will look great in posh pools; the top is clear and the tropical graphics are printed on the inside of the bottom for an incredible visual effect. There��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��____��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��_____��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_...

                    Airhead Fiji Float Inflatable Lounge Float
                    Retail: $25.95
                    Sale Price: $21.95
                    Availability: Normally Stocked
                    Airhead Item #: AIR-AHFF-1 -

                       Detailed Description Your drink will be close at hand in the molded drink holder. Tether it to your boat or tie 2 or more FIJI FLOATs together using the side mounted rope anchors. Durable vinyl construction with RF welded seams. Dimensions: 48 in. x 43 in. (deflated). ...

                      Airhead HOT SHOT 2 Inflatable 1 Rider Towabl
                      Retail: $132.95
                      Sale Price: $109.95
                      Availability: Normally Stocked
                      Airhead Item #: AIR-AHHS-12 -

                         Detailed Description HOT SHOT, AIRHEAD��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��____��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��_____��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��____��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��______��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��____��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��_____��_��_��_��_��__��_��_��_��_��___��_��_��_��_��__...

                        SPORTSTUFF Blueberry Donut
                        Retail: $14.95
                        Sale Price: $13.95
                        Availability: Normally Stocked
                        SPORTSSTUFF Item #: SPST-43385 -

                           Detailed Description SPORTSSTUFF FOOD series pool floats are as hilarious as they are functional! Take a bite out of that summer heat by relaxing on your favorite summertime snack! Imagine donuts, popsicles and pizza floating in your pool! The heavy gauge RF-welded PVC construction ensures long service. Perfect for lounge or play in your pool or lake! Get all 5 food floats to satisfy your sweet tooth and ensure maximum pool time fun ...