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Dr.Leonards Therapeutic Knee Wrap by JOBAR Item Number JB7024
Retail: $8.95
Sale Price: $7.95
Availability: In Stock
JOBAR Item #: JB7024 -

    Cold Therapy helps decrease inflammation and pain Hot Therapy helps relax stiffness, improve flexibility and relieve pain Buckwheat-filled wrap can be heated in the microwave and cooled in the freezer Fastener provides easy adjustability to fit left or right knee Unisex and one size fits all North American Hot-Cold Knee Therapy Wrap is a one-size-fits-most, hot and cold pack

    Ideaworks Light Up Mirror Large 16 LED Lights Rotating Mirror Magnifier Tray Battery Powered by JOBAR Item Number JB8113DLX
    Retail: $14.95
    Sale Price: $10.95
    Availability: In Stock
    JOBAR Item #: JB8113DLX -

      Large 6.5"e;x8.25"e; glass mirror16 strategically placed LED bright lights Optimal viewing for make-up application, tweezing, and other integrate activities. Rotating capabilities allows the mirror to be used vertically or horizontallyConvenient built-in tray provides easy storage for small itemsAlso includes a 3.5"e;x10x magnifying mirror

      Jobar Outdoor Step by JOBAR Item Number JR5919
      Retail: $30.95
      Sale Price: $21.95
      Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
      JOBAR Item #: JR5919 -

        Step Securely Into Your Doorway. Step Securely Into Your Doorway- Cut the rise and effort in half when stepping into your doorway- 4"e; High non-slip stepLarge platform makes it easier for those with limited ability to lift their feet & remain steady while stepping up- Use indoors or outPerfect for Cars, Trucks, RV's, Boats and More!Comes with slip-resistant rubber mat- length: 19-1/4"e;- height: 4"e;- width: 15-1/2"e;

        North American Health Care Pill Organizer 31 pill holders Rotates 360 degrees by JOBAR Item Number JB6300
        Retail: $21.95
        Sale Price: $14.95
        Availability: In Stock
        JOBAR Item #: JB6300 -

          Keeps your medications organized. Never forget to take your meds again. Revolves 360 degrees. Bottom tier includes 31 portable pill holders. Top tier holds bottlesAlso features four compartments for morning, noon, evening & bedtime.Stores one month at at time.

          North American Healthcare Cpap Hose Holder by JOBAR Item Number JB5651
          Retail: $12.95
          Sale Price: $10.95
          Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
          JOBAR Item #: JB5651 -

            Keep your CPAP tubing tangle free and out of your way while sleeping Slips right in between your mattress and box spring to support the tubing away from you Adjustable arm moves with you easily so there's no pulling Makes it easier for you to sleep safely and soundlyCompactly folds for storage and portability- length: 10-25- height: 34-5"e;- width: 5"e;

            North American Healthcare Easy Open 31 Day Pop-Out Compartment Pill Organizer by JOBAR Item Number JB7631
            Sale Price: $5.95
            Availability: In Stock
            JOBAR Item #: JB7631 -

              Has 31 indiv pods to help keep your daily medications stored for easy dispensing on the proper dayEach pod has secure snap-close lid and a clearly labeled number on top to help you stay on scheduleThe individual pods pop out of the sturdy tray so you can take it with you wherever you goPlasticIndividual pods are 1"e;L x 3/4"e;W x 1"e;H. Tray is 11"e;L x 4"e;W

              North American Healthcare JB4790 Walker Tray Gray by JOBAR Item Number JB4790
              Retail: $12.95
              Sale Price: $9.95
              Availability: In Stock
              JOBAR Item #: JB4790 -

                Walker Tray 20-3/4''W x 15-3/4''D x 1''HDesigned to carry meals or other household itemsWalker accessory that can attach to any standard walkerContains 2 cup holders and raised edges to prevent spillsAttachment can remain on walker for use as a tray table

                North American Healthcare Total Body Exerciser by JOBAR Item Number JB5788
                Retail: $43.95
                Sale Price: $34.95
                Availability: In Stock
                JOBAR Item #: JB5788 -

                  Enjoy all the benefits of bicycling anywhere! Better cardiovascular health. No bulky equipment or stressing your joints. Use on the floor to exercise your feet and legs. Pedals have loops for extra security. Adjustable tension control knob.Adjustable height: 32"e; to 38"e;