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Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter Sys
Sale Price: $11.95
Availability: Normally Stocked
Aquamira Item #: AQM-67005 -

     Detailed Description Don�t let contaminated water cut your adventure short. Play it safe and filter up to 30 gallons with the Frontier Filter by Aquamira. This ultra-portable water filter is designed to take along wherever you go-and it�s highly effective against the invisible culprits waiting for you in the water.The Frontier Filter uses the torturous path method of water filtration, which traps over 99.9 Percent of harmful Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other pathogens, including...

    Aquamira Frontier Pro w/ Replaceable Filter
    Retail: $29.95
    Sale Price: $26.96
    Availability: Back Ordered, restock date unknown
    Aquamira Item #: AQM-67006 -

       Detailed Description Aquamira's Frontier Pro Portable Water Filter System is a highly effective water treatment system that fits in your pocket. Drink directly from any water source or fill up a bottle or bladder, attach the Frontier Pro filter and start drinking! Use it as a hanging drip filter, too. The Frontier Pro is effective for up to 50 gallons of water and uses Aquamira's advanced Miraguard™ Antimicrobial Technology to suppress the growth of algae, fungus, mold and mildew...

      Aquamira Water Treatment
      Sale Price: $14.95
      Availability: Normally Stocked
      Aquamira Item #: AQM-67202 -

         Detailed Description When you�re far from civilization, the water can contain Giardia, bacteria, Crypto-all kinds of nasty little buggers that can make you sick. Instead of wondering whether water is safe to drink, make it so with Water Treatment Drops by Aquamira.Aquamira's Water Treatment Drops are perfect for the clean water you need on longer trips or when treating water for groups. This effective water treatment system is compact and lightweight-so toss it in your pack or pocket,...

        Aquamira WaterBasics Emergency Straw Filter,
        Retail: $19.95
        Sale Price: $17.95
        Availability: Normally Stocked
        Aquamira Item #: AQM-02500 -

           Detailed Description The WaterBasics Emergency Straw Filter is a pocket-size power house ready to provide emergency water protection when a normally reliable water source is threatened. The compact, ultralight design makes it one of the easiest portable water filtration solutions available. The low cost pack of two filters makes it not only possible, but prudent, to add an emergency straw filter to your home, car and travel emergency kits. The simple-to-use straw allows you to drink...

          Bear Grylls Series Canteen Water Bottle/Cooking Cup
          Retail: $41.95
          Sale Price: $30.95
          Availability: Normally Stocked
          Gerber Blades Item #: DSA76657.0 -

            Inspired by the classic military canteen and nesting cup, Bear Grylls and Gerber have updated the design with a BPA free water bottle, snug fitting nylon sheath and leak proof lock top. The two-handled cup is aluminum, suitable for boiling water. The outside of the canteen is textured to avoid spills or drops, even when you're wearing gloves or exposed to extreme conditions. For survival in the wild, a water bottle simply won't cut it.Features:- Food Grade Aluminum Cup with Heat Resistant...

            Capsule Water Bottle and Filter
            Retail: $34.95
            Sale Price: $25.95
            Availability: Normally Stocked
            Aquamira Item #: DSA88499.0 -

              Contaminated water can instantly ruin that vacation you´ve been planning or mark an end to an otherwise great time outdoors. Whether traveling abroad or in the field hiking or backpacking, you need access to clean and safe drinking water.The next time you leave the house, don´t just pack any water bottle. Instead grab the Water Bottle & Capsule Filter by Aquamira®. Featuring an activated coconut shell carbon water filter which treats up to 100 gallons of water, Aquamira´s...

              Coghlans Water Filter
              Retail: $34.95
              Sale Price: $31.95
              Availability: Normally Stocked
              Coghlan Item #: COG-8800 -

                 Detailed Description The Coghlan's Water Filter is the most versatile and rugged system for providing giardia-free fresh water to outdoor people in pristine areas. The Coghlan's Filter has a capacity of up to 50 gallons with a flow rate of 1 quart per minute (depending on the clarity of the water filtered). Eventually the filter will plug off to the point where the pressure drop will be excessive (inconvenient--slow filtration). Replacement filters are available to provide continued use...

                Dual Voltage Immersion Heater
                Retail: $15.99
                Sale Price: $15.95
                Availability: Normally Stocked
                Lewis N. Clark Item #: LNC-YL205 -

                   Detailed Description Boils water in minutes for all kinds of instant beveragesIncludes burn guard, European adapter plug and travel pouch120/240V dual voltage

                  Frontier Filter Pro
                  Retail: $34.95
                  Sale Price: $25.95
                  Availability: Normally Stocked
                  Aquamira Item #: DSA76260.0 -

                    The Frontier Pro Ultralight Filter has earned the stamp of approval from backpackers, preppers, and survivalists alike. Minimal weight, quality design and maximum connectivity are the signature features of this filter. Improved to include a replaceable GRN Line bacteria-grade filter, the Frontier Pro offers a robust 2 oz. defense against the common culprits that cause waterborne illnesses.Features:- Replaceable GRN Line bacteria Filter with up to 500 ml/minute flow rate- Miraguard...

                    Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L Filter
                    Retail: $119.95
                    Sale Price: $99.95
                    Availability: Normally Stocked
                    Katadyn Item #: KAT-8019201 -

                       Detailed Description Just fill, hang, and drink! With the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L, you always have clean drinking water � and you won�t have to pump a stroke. At the heart of the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L is the newly developed Ultra FlowTM Filter Element. With its flow rate of up to 2 liters per minute, you can reliably filter bacteria, cysts and sediment. A cleanable filter protector lengthens the lifetime of the element so it can clean up to 1,500 liters of water. Thanks to the...

                      Katadyn Combi Microfilter
                      Retail: $263.95
                      Sale Price: $219.95
                      Availability: Normally Stocked
                      Katadyn Item #: KAT-8017763 -

                         Detailed Description The Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable, activated carbon cartridge. It is effective against bacteria and protozoa and also reduces chemicals and bad taste. With the optional �PLUS� the Combi can be connected to a water faucet for multifunctional use in campers, cottages or boats. Includes: Prefilter, bottle adaptor and carry bag. - Compact, travel-ready water filtration device combines cleanable, silver-impregnated ceramic...

                        Katadyn Expedition Replacement Element No. 4
                        Retail: $199.95
                        Sale Price: $179.95
                        Availability: Normally Stocked
                        Katadyn Item #: KAT-8018833 -

                           Detailed Description Ceramic replacement element for the Katadyn Expedition filter. Retains suspended solids and traps safely all harmful bacteria and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The silver-impregnated Ceramic works against bacteria growth. Silver Quartz inside the element controls any possible recontamination through the outlet tap. Katadyn Ceramic provides fresh and natural tasting drinking water without using chemicals. Specs Capacity (gal): 26,000 Capacity (L):...